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The Equine Rescue League accepts donations through PayPal. If you would like to make a donation to the ERL now, please click the button below:

If you would like to make a donation by mail,
please print, fill out and return our membership/donation form.

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Tri-County Feeds ERL Gift Certificate Program
This program allows our friends another way to help the horses - by donating money directly to the ERL feed account! Please contact the ERL or visit Tri-County at their Marshall Virginia location, or their website [] for more information.

No donation is too small!!

$0.25 buys a sterile syringe for administering medications or vaccines
$0.75 buys a hoof pick for keeping feet free of debris
$1.00 can feed a horse for a day
$1.75 will provide one dose of tetanus antitoxin
$2.00 buys 5 yards of bandaging tape or a 4-pound salt block
$4.00 provides one bale of hay or one dose of influenza vaccine
$6.00 buys a one pound jar of antibacterial ointment
$7.50 equals on gallon of Kao-Pec (a BIG version of kaopectate)
$10.00 will worm two ponies or buy one feed bucket

Let your love for horses live on...
A bequest to the Equine Rescue League can help horses beyond your lifetime. Naming the ERL as a beneficiary will enable us to continue our work in years to come!


The Equine Rescue League was founded by Pat Rogers in 1990. In its first year at Churchland Farm in Leesburg, Virginia, The Equine Rescue League provided care and shelter to over 100 horses and ponies. Most of these abused, neglected and unwanted equines were placed in qualified homes.

ERL's Goals
The Equine Rescue League is an organization that supports the responsible use of working, sport and pleasure horses and ponies. Our goals are to:

Provide care, rehabilitation and training for horses and other large animals at the ERL farm shelter, and to adoption them to qualified persons.
Provide transportation and holding facilities for animals seized by county and state humane officers and for unwanted animals.
Create educational programs (on the subjects of basic health care and horse abuse) for horse owners, youngsters and humane officers.
Create public awareness about horse neglect and abuse issues.
Investigate, in coordination with humane officers, to reduce abuse and neglect occurrences in the Greater Washington area.
Provide humane euthanasia services for aged or ill horses to prevent these animals from being subjected to the horror of auctions and slaughter transportation.

Bitsy-The Mare Who Started It All
The Equine Rescue League did not exist in time for Bitsy, a 7 year old Thoroughbred mare who was so weak she was whipped to make her stand and go through the auction ring, where she brought $7.00.

She probably didn't survive the grueling truck ride to the slaughterhouse.

At the time this photograph was taken, Pat Rogers, ERL's founder, was assisting with investigations into conditions at auction yards. At this particular sale, she didn't even have with her the seven dollars to buy Bitsy, nor did she have a place to take her. Pat had to walk away from Bitsy, but the memory is still fresh in her mind.

Pat Rogers promised this mare with the pleading eyes that she would devote her life to stopping abuse. In 1990, Pat founded the Equine Rescue League in Leesburg, Virginia. (Picture of Bitzy courtesy Gail Eisnetz for the HSUS. Taken November, 1989, at an auction in Northern Virginia.)

Our Farm and Benefactor Program
The Equine Rescue League currently leases 66-acre Churchland Farm, outside the city of Leesburg, Virginia. Several years ago, the county government assumed ownership of the farm, designating the land as a future expansion site for the county landfill. So far, the expansion has not been necessary, but it is quite uncomfortable to feel that it could happen at any time, and that ERL would have to move to another facility.

Hence, the creation of the Equine Benefactor Program. This program's purpose is to guarantee the existence of the ERL as an equine humane organization while at the same time, honoring some of our supporters. The Benefactor Program gives individuals, corporations and other organizations a real opportunity to invest in the ERL's efforts to prevent equine abuse and neglect. In recognition of your generosity we will graciously dedicate a stall, barn, or field, or the entire farm shelter in your honor or in memory of a loved one. All dedications will be displayed at our current shelter and will move with us to the new facility. Following is the contributions schedule and their corresponding dedications. (All are in monetary or its non-monetary equivalent.)

Donation Amount

Dedication Program

$1,000 - $9,999
Principal Benefactors names will be inscribed on a plaque and displayed at the farm shelter.

Dedication of a stall which will shelter an abused, neglected or wanted equine.


Dedication of a field used by recovering and adoptable equines.


Dedication of a barn which houses numerous equines in our care.

$ l,000,000

Dedication of the entire farm shelter facility.

Please note that all donations are tax deductible and that you may designate whether your contribution is to be used for buying a new farm, defraying the operational costs of the shelter or both. If you would like to participate in this program, please contact ERL at (703) 771-1240. Thank you for your consideration of the needs of the equines in our care.

What IS an "equine?"
An animal referred to as an "equine" is any member of the genus Equus.

Wild Members:

Zebras (Equus grevyi, Equus burchelli, and Equus zebra)
Asiatic Asses (Equus hemionous)
Przewalski's Horse (Equus przewalski) also known as the Mongolian Wild Horse

Domestic Members:

Donkeys, or burros (Equus Asinus)
Horses, Ponies, and Miniature Horses which are all Equus caballus
Mules, which are are hybrids of donkeys and horses

Why a Rescue Organization for Horses?
In today's society, many horses are owned as companion or sport animals rather than as a working part of a farm or other business.

As such, horses are subject to the same forms of mistreatment as cats, dogs and other companion animals. They are victims of outright neglect. They are sometimes abandoned in fields or left locked in barns. They are whipped, beaten and kicked into "submission". They fall victim to poor health as a result of inadequate care from well-meaning, but uneducated owners. And they are subject to one cruelty our dogs and cats are not... the slaughter house.

The ERL provides a haven for mistreated, neglected and abandoned horses, ponies, donkeys, and mules. We also take in horses whose owners can no longer, for whatever reason, care for them properly. In essence, ERL provides the same services as a humane organization dedicated to house pets, just on a "larger" scale.


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