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Non-Profit Organizations: Big Cats of Serenity Springs


Opened in 1993, Big Cats of Serenity Springs is home to well over 120 big cats, including lions, tigers, ligers, cougars, leopards and servals. We are the largest State and Federal licensed placement facility in Colorado, located east of Colorado Springs.

Over the years, with dedication and determination, we've become Colorado's premiere big cat facility. We are proud to be the only facility in the entire state (including government funded zoological parks!) to have qualified for and be granted, a state of Colorado Zoological License.

It is with great joy that we provide care, love, and compassion to the "exotic" cats in our care and we want to share that joy with you. Click here to see all of the opportunities we offer for you to spend time with us and these majestic animals.

A sanctuary of this size cannot survive without your help. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. We have several ways for you to directly impact the lives of the cats that call Big Cats of Serenity Springs home, including volunteer and donation opportunities. Click here now to make a donation.

Please enjoy your visit to our website. Just as our facility is always growing and changing, this site will continue to grow and change. Bookmark us and come back often to see what is new

Our Mission Statement:

Big Cats of Serenity Springs is a non profit organization dedicated to providing a safe, stable, permanent home for non-domestic felines, regardless of prior history or physical condition in accordance with our code of ethics. Through the generosity of our donors and volunteers, our goal is to provide such a place to big cats in need.

Contact Us

Big Cats Of Serenity Springs
P.O. Box 112
Calhan, CO 80808
Tel: 719-347-9200 / Fax: 719-347-9300

Please note: Phone messages and emails must include a name and phone number. (Due to security measures, a screen name only is not acceptable.)



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