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Halloween Central - Animal Creatures


Five Headed Dragon

Mother Rat

Evil Cat

Psycho Horror Cat

Snake - Lifesize Latex Python 42"

Lying Down Rat

Hanging Bat

Feather Parrot

Latex Owl

Hairy Rat

Flying Bat

Crow - Closed Wing

Angry Black Cat

Lord Toad

Toad with Warts

Hanging Latex Bat - 16"

Vulture - Large Foam Standing

Cobra Snake

Vulture - Large Foam Crouching

Three Headed Dog

Crow - Open Winged

Squooshy Rat 13"

Bat 36" Flexible

Vampire Bat - 8FT

Posable Gothic Gargoyle

Latex Gargoyle

Gargoyle Wall Mount

Monster Rat

Owl - Black

Demon Flight Figurine

Jumbo Growing Rat

Large Bat - Light Up Eyes

Bag of Bats


Ghoul Cat

Wolfman - 17" tall

Mini Rat

Deluxe Long Nose Rat

Giant Feathered Raven

Rattle Snake - 44 IN.

Cobra Snake - Rubber

Hanging Bat - 16 IN.

Jumbo Foam Iguana

Crow With Wings

Large Bat

Giant Bat - 25"

Demon Hound

White Jumbo Rat

Black Vulture

Flying Bat

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