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Time Saving Tips

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Money and Time Saving Tip!!

Write or type up a list of your bills and the due dates. Makes copies each month and highlight as you pay them. I don't know about you but I, occasionally, don't receive my bills and I have probably saved myself a bundle in late fees because I go ahead and send a payment with a note and my account number. Plus you don't have to rack your brain trying to remember if you paid something or not, it's highlighted.

Call ahead - Verify everything-does the store have the item in stock, has the Little League game been cancelled, etc. 
Group your errands and plan your route to save time, money and gas.
Don't wait in endless lines at the bank - Use automatic deposit, automatic investing, online banking and auto-bill paying.
When you take something out, always return it to it's place (ten minutes a day looking for misplaced items wastes 60 hours a year)
Set aside 15 minutes each day to clean ONE area of your house. Be the weekend, you won't have much more cleaning to do. Go have some fun!
Apply a thing layer of paste wax to windowsills and other woodwork that is prone to fingerprints and smudges. Cleaning will become a breeze. 
Keep a lost-and-found section in a central location where family members can stash things they find lying around and look for things they have lost.
Use liquid soap in a pump dispenser by sinks, tubs and in the shower, no more soap slime to clean up.
Never walk through house empty-handed. Pick up and put away as you go.
Place blunt-end kitchen utensils in drawers, handles first, so when you open the drawer you can see the end of the utensils, not a set of matching handles. 
Designate a drawer for healthful snacks like pretzels, rice cakes or trail mix, so the kids can help themselves when hungry.
Receiving guests with little notice? Gather toys, papers, shoe, etc., in a laundry basket and put in a closet and close the door. Fluff pillow. Close all doors. Put dirty dishes in dishwasher; wipe countertops. Quickly dust surfaces.
Let everything you buy replace or displace something you already have.
When loading the dishwasher, group knives, forks and spoons together to sorting time.
Spray cloth place mats and seat covers with a fabric protector to remove any spills or stains with ease.
Keep takeout menus at work so you can order dinner to pick up on the way home when you are really running behind.
Designate a file for each child. Tell your kids to place any material you need to review in it as soon as they get home from school.
Keep a cooler in the trunk of your car. You can stop for groceries anytime without having to go straight home.
Call ahead to find out if the doctor is running late to find out what time you should really come in. 

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Once a week, prepackage chips, cookies, nuts, dried fruits, raisins and other goodies in plastic sandwich bags and store them in a large sealed container. When it's time to fix your family's  lunch, toss the prepared bags into the lunch box or sack, along with a sandwich and fruit. This really saves time in the morning, especially if you have to fix several lunches each day.
If you need to buy a specific item, call the stores to see if they have it in stock. If they do, ask them to set it aside for you. This saves an amazing amount of running around looking for an item.
If you have anything that needs to be taken to be repaired or returned, put them in a central location of your home. This saves time looking for the item when you're ready to take them in.
Begin each day with a clean office or working area. You'll be more efficient when things around you are orderly.
Don't waste time trying to be a perfectionist. Nothing is perfect so put your energies into trying to meet your deadline.
Don't procrastinate. It takes more time trying to figure out how to put off doing something then actually doing it. Save yourself the time and just tackle the job and get it over with!
When you run errands, plan to limit your trips to once or twice a week. Group tasks by geographic locations.
Put the videos that need to be returned in front of the door so you don't rush out the door leaving them behind.
Always do some kind of work when talking on the phone: Clean out your purse, unload the dishwasher, clean your shoes, sew a hem or button, do your nails, wash dishes, start dinner or set the table. The list of mindless tasks you can do while talking on the phone is endless and your mind is still with your conversation.
At work: Ask a co-worker to take your calls for you for an hour so you can catch up on some work. Make sure you tell her you will return the favor any time.
Don't play telephone tag: when you leave a message for someone, leave a detailed one so they don't have to call you back. Eliminates back and forth calling.
Wear an apron or a fanny pack when cleaning the house. When you find little objects out of place, put them in the pocket. You can put them away all at one time.
Don't clean up your child's room, teach him to do it himself. It will be better for both of you in the long run.
Choose one day, over the weekend when you have some time to cook and cook meals for the week. Even one or two meals will help a lot during the busy weekdays.
Hide out at work: take your work to the conference room or to an empty work area. If people don't see you, they can't chit chat.
Meet in other people's offices or work stations, that way you can make an excuse to leave when you want.
Ask friends and relative to call during specific hours. This may be hard to get going but it's worth a try.
Let the answering machine pick up your calls for an afternoon. You can listen in on the messages so you can pick up anything that is an emergency. This will allow you to return calls at a more convenient time for you.


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