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When initially introduced, Checks Unlimited's check line included 13 designs. Today they've grown to offer over 100 personal check designs — plus a full line of address labels, checkbook covers, check-related accessories, and a complete line of business checks. Their licensed designs include many of America's favorite icons and characters. Choose from Patriotic checks, NASCAR checks, Disney Classics, Laura Ashley, Looney Tunes, Ocean World, Peanuts, Garfield, Scooby Doo, Winnie the Pooh, Thomas Kinkade Series and more! An Apple to the Core Preferred Store


Serenity by Thomas Kinkade

Disney Classics


Horse Play

Floral Sketchbook

Friendship by Kathy Davis

Flavia Celebrations of Life

Flavia - Desk Set

Tulip Whispers

Renaissance Desk Set

Autumn Leaf

Wildlife Adventure


Tiny Spirits


Heart & Home

Happy Holidays

Side Tear Stars & Stripes

Wild, Wild West

Country 'Scapes

After Five

Flavia Celestial

Executive Gray


Side Tear Horse Play


Country 'Scapes Desk Set

Executive Gray Desk Set

Safety Check

America the Beautiful

The Grand Tour

Side Tear Hope for the Cure

Natural Inspirations


Side Tear Serenity by Thomas Kinkade

Earth Echoes

Watercolors by Kathy Davis

Angel Faces


Pampered Girls

Amazing Grace

Mickey & Co.

Retro Graphics

Tinker Bell

Parchment Desk Set

The Simpsons

Blue Classic

Red Hat Revue

Happily Ever After

Side Tear Retro Graphics

Ocean World by Wyland


The Saturday Evening Post

Side Tear Blue Classic

Serenity by Thomas Kinkade without Bible verse

a kid like me!

Stars & Stripes Desk Set

Disney Classics, Series II

Flower Garden

Kitty Review


Pretty in Pink

Floral Fairies

One Part Deposit Slips

Triplicate Deposit Slips

Simply Paisley

Side Tear Mickey & Co.

Stars & Stripes

Country Club

Country Club Desk Set

Side Tear Watercolors by Kathy Davis

Side Tear Renaissance

Princess Castles

Golf Escapes

National Parks

Scooby-Doo Mystery Inc.

Palm Trees

Snow Days

Penguin Parade

Looney Tunes

Hasbro Games

Quiet Escapes by Thomas Kinkade


Side Tear Harley-Davidson

Nature's Majesty Desk Set

In Full Bloom


Side Tear Tinker Bell

Suzy's Zoo


Side Tear Nature's Majesty

Playful Pups

Sunny Days

Wonders of the Sea

Childhood Days

Garden Palette



Ratatouille's Vive Paris

Endangered Young'uns


Hope for the Cure

Precious Moments

Sesame Street


Song of the Sea

Side Tear Executive Gray


NASCAR Collections Redesign


Yogi Bear Checks

Totally Tweety Redesign

Spectrum Desk Set

Totally Tweety Redesign

Side Tear Nature's Majesty

Mickey's Adventures

Happily Ever After

Feathered Friends Redesign

Island Escapes

Side Tear Mickey's Adventures

Blue Classic

Blue Classic Desk Set

Feelin Froggy

Forever Young

Cute as a Bug

Dog Adventures

Scenic America

European Castles

American Heroes

The Simpsons


Executive Gray

Side Tear Hope for the Cure


Mickey's Adventures Desk Set

NASCAR Collections* redesign

Impressionists Redesign

Ratatouille's Just Desserts

Side Tear Churches by Thomas Kinkade


Childhood Friends

Side Tear Horse Play

The Jetsons

Wilma and Betty


Swirls and Twirls

Side Tear Seaside

Side Tear Stars & Stripes

Side Tear Renaissance

Believe Labels

Disney Classics Redesign

American Wildflowers

Side Tear Blue Classic

Disney Classics II Redesign

Looney Tunes

Stars & Stripes


Stars & Stripes Desk Set

American Wildflowers Desk Set

Side Tear Tinker Bell

Nature's Majesty

Tinker Bell Desk Sets

Side Tear Watercolors by Kathy Davis

Bessie Pease® Cherubs


When Pigs Fly


The Promise of Peace

Tinker Bell



Moo Money


Country Churches

Royal Monogram

Out Back

Out of Africa

Cup o' Java

Sweet Dreams



Executive Gray Desk Set

Parchment Desk Set

Safety Check Desk Set

Safety Check

Curious George

Wild Outdoors


Horse Play


Princess Castles

Coca-Cola Polar Bears

Major League Baseball


Life on the Farm

Gone with the Wind

Nature's Majesty Desk Set

Side Tear Executive Gray

Kitty Review

Flag Address Stamper

Calligraphy Return Address Stamper

Mickey Mouse Return Address Stamper

Moder Flair Return Address Stamper

Block Return Address Stamper

Black Leather Cover w/ calculator

Black Leather Trifold Cvr w/Calculator

DCI Register

Debit Register Pack Refills

Checkbook Covers

Believe Cover

Looney Tunes Cover

Watercolors Cover w/Converter

America the Beautiful Cover

Flavia Celestial Cover

Black Cover

Quiet Escapes by Thomas Kinkade Cover

Childhood Days Cover

Mickey's Adventures Cover

American Wildflower Cover

Superman Cover

Flavia Cover

Pampered Girls Cover

Hasbro Game Cover

Burgundy Leather Cover no mono

Burgundy Cover w/ mono Cover

Princess Castles Cover

Tan Cover w/ Side Tear Converter

Wonder Woman Cover

Harley Cover w/Converter

Renaissance Cover w/Side Tear Converter

Totally Tweety Cover

Classic Accents Cover

Tinker Bell Cover w/Converter

A kid like me! Cover

Gold Metallic Cover

Scooby-Doo Cover

Renaissance Cover

Lavender Cover

Ocean World Cover

Watercolors Cover

Tan Cover

Natural Trends Cover

Converter w/Hope for the Cure

Floral Fairies Cover

Stars & Stripes Cover

Kitty Review Label

Platinum Label

Clear Monogram Rolled Label

Friendship by Kathy Davis Label

Lilac Cover

Inspirations by Kathy Davis Cover w/Converter

Vinyl Debit Organizer

Chocolate Cover

Converter w/Mickey & Co.

Santa Fe Cover

Happily Ever After Cover

Zen Cover

Navy Cover

Stars & Stripes Cover w/Side Tear C

Converter w/Mickey's Adventures Cover

Serenity Cover w/Converter

Suzy's Zoo Cover

Classic Disney Cover

Americana Cover

Navy Cover w/Side Tear Converter

Hope for the Cure Cover

Hunter Green Cover w/Side Tear Con

Ratatouille Cover

NASCAR Collections Redesign Cover

Tinkerbell Cover

Angel Faces Cover

Speed Racer Cover

Wild Outdoors Cover w/Converter

Corvette Cover

Eagle Cover, Brown

Premium Cover, Black - CC, ID

Burgundy Premium Cover

Tan Premium Cover

Forever Young Cover

Moo Money Cover

Out of Africa Cover

Pansies Cover

When Pigs Fly Cover

Inspirations by Kathy Davis Cover

Major League Baseball Cover

Cabin Fever Cover

Coca-Cola Polar Bears Cover

Curious George Cover

Wild Outdoors Cover

The Simpsons Cover
Roses Cover

Wildlife Cover

Lighthouses Cover

Churches by Thomas Kinkade Cover

Looney Tunes Favorites Cover

Elite Zippered Microfiber Black Cover

Retro Graphics Cover w/Converter

The Jetsons Cover

Wild, Wild West Cover

Churches by Thomas Kinkade Cover w/Converter

Pebbles Cover

Bessie Pease Cherubs Cover

Sesame Street Cover

American Wildflowers Cover w/Converter

Mickey & Co. Cover

Ratatouille's Just Dessert Cover

Disney Classics II Cover

Yogi Bear Cover

Elite Zippered Black Leather

DC Super Heroes Cover

Precious Moments Checkbook Cover

Tom and Jerry Cover

Childhood Friends Cover

Leather Debit Organizer

NBA Checkbook Cover

Coca-Cola Checkbook Cover

Serenity Checkbook Cover

Winnie the Pooh Cover

Peanuts Cover

Looney Tunes Cover

Silver Metallic Cover

Address Labels

National Parks Address Label

Childhood Days Label

Winnie the Pooh Redesign Label

Penguin Parade Label

Looney Tunes Label

Mickey Mouse Label

Home for the Holidays Label

Tiny Spirits Label

White Rolled Label

Hasbro Games Label

Flavia Celestial Label

Looney Tunes Rolled Label

Palm Tree Rolled Label

Red Hat Label

America the Beautiful Label

Snow Days Label

Wild, Wild West Label

Pampered Girls Label

Serenity Label Re-Design

Tuscany Label

The Saturday Evening Post Label

Gold Rolled Label

Floral Watercolors Rolled Label

Speed Racer Labels

Clear Rolled Labels

Precious Moments Label

Endangered Young'uns Labels

After Five Label

Tuscany Monogram Rolled Label

Song of the Sea Label

Earth Echoes Label

A kid Like me! Label

Floral Sketchbook Label

Amazing Grace Label

Batman Labels

Beautiful Blessing Label

Disney Princess Rolled Labels

Gone with the Wind Labels

Parchment Label

Mickey & Co Label

Horse Play Label

In Full Bloom by Kathy Davis Label

Totally Tweety Redesign Label

Pebbles Label

Eagle Rolled Label

Wildlife Adventure Label

Disney Classics II Label

Country Club Label

Angel Faces Label

Patriotic Rolled Labels

Swirls Monogram Rolled Label

Major League Baseball Label

Cottages Rolled Label by Thomas Kinkade

Golf Escapes Label

Slate Label

Stars and Stripes Address Label

NASCAR Collections Label Redesign

Natural Inspirations Label

Swirls Rolled Label

Happily Ever After Label

Flower Garden Label

Ocean World Redesign Label

Country' Scapes Label

Executive Gray Label

Watercolors by Kathy Davis Label

Floral Fairies Label

Hope for the Cure Label

Grape Vines Rolled Label

Playful Pups Label

Savvy Label

Looney Tunes Label

White Monogram Rolled Label

Northwoods Label

Admiral Label

Marble Rolled Label

Tuscany Rolled Labels

NBA Label

Nature's Majesty Label

Renaissance Label

Tom & Jerry label

The Grand Tour Label

Peanuts Label

Superman Redesign Label

Winnie the Pooh Rolled Label

American Heroes Label

Girlfriends Label

Silver Monogram Rolled Label

Sherbet Monogram Rolled Label

Lighthouses Rolled Label

Happy Holidays Label

Silver Rolled Label

Disney Classics I Label

Scripture Label

The Simpsons Label

Sesame Street Redesign Labels

Garfield Redesign Label

Believe Label

Geometric Label

Diamonds Monogram Rolled Label

Sherbet Rolled Labels

Flavia Label

Zen Label

Gold Monogram Rolled Label

Yogi Bear Labels

Heart & Home Label

Suzy Zoo's Label

Rosewood Label

Simply Paisley Label

Winnie the Pooh Label

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