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1st Birthday All-Star
1st Birthday Princess
4 O'Clock Somewhere
70s Disco
Abby Cadabby
All-Star Baseball
All-Star Basketball
All-Star Bowling
All-Star Soccer
American Idol
Apple Red - Solid Color
Baby Einstein
Baby Love Blue
Baby Love Pink
Bahama Breeze
Barbie & the Diamond Castle
Ben 10
Birthday Style
Blues Clues
Bob the Builder
Bratz Kidz
Bratz Lucky and Charmed
Bride to Be
Buried Treasure
Buzz Lightyear
Camp Rock
Card Night
Carolina Panthers
Carters Baby Boy
Carters Baby Girl
Cemetery Terror
Chicago Bears
Christmas Cocktails
Cinderella Dreamland
Cleveland Browns
Congrats Graduate - Blue
Congrats Graduate - Red
Congrats Graduate - White
Congrats Graduate - Yellow
Creepy Cocktails
Curious George
Dallas Cowboys
Denver Broncos
Detroit Lions
Diggin' For Dinos
Disney's Bolt
Disney's Cars
Disney's Princess Fairy Tale
Dora the Explorer
Easter Tulips
Eerie Estates
Election Time Democrat
Election Time Republican
Fairytale Princess
Festive Green
Flip Flop
Floral Paradise
Forever and Always
Frosty White
Giddy Up
Girl Time Cheer
Girl Time Dance
Girl Time Gymnastics
Girls Night Out
Glitzy Girl
Go Diego Go
God Bless America
Goin' Coastal
Green Bay Packers
Halloween Party
Handy Manny
Hannah Montana
Harry Potter
Harvest Glory
Haunted Hill
Hawaiian Tropics

Hello Kitty
High School Musical

Hollywood Star

Hooray for Elmo
I Do
Incredible Hulk

Indiana Jones
Indianapolis Colts
Irish Pub Signs
Iron Man
Jacksonville Jaguars
Jet Black - Solid Color Kit
Jingle My Bells
Jolly Santa
Joyful Gathering
Jungle Buddies
Kansas City Chiefs
King of the Jungle
Kiwi - Solid Color Kit
Kung Fu Panda
Land Before Time
Let It Snow
Let's Hula
Little Einsteins
Little Mermaid
Littlest Pet Shop
Love Bug
Luau Sunset
Mardi Gras Celebration
Masters of the Grill
Mickey's Clubhouse
Midnight Dreary
Midnight Somewhere
Minnesota Vikings
Minnie Mouse
Mommy Chic
Monkey Around
Mr. Frosty
My 1st Birthday
My 1st Birthday Blue
My 1st Birthday Pink
My Little Pony
New England Patriots
New Orleans Saints
New York Giants
Nighty Night BaZooples
Ninja Turtles
On The Farm
One More Candle
One Special Boy
One Special Girl
Orange Peel - Solid Color Kit
Party Cats
Party Dogs
Party Pups
Pastel Patchwork
Pirate Party
Pirates of the Caribbean
Pittsburgh Steelers
Pooh and Friends
Pooh's 1st Birthday - Boy
Pooh's 1st Birthday - Girl
Pooh's Baby Days
Pooh's First Birthday
Powder Blue - Solid Color Kit
Power Rangers
Princess Prismatic
Purple - Solid Color Kit
San Diego Chargers
Scooby Doo
Sesame Street
Sesame Street Sunny Days
Shimmering Butterflies
Sock Hop
Sparkle Eyeball
Sparkle Wishes
Speed Racer
SpongeBob Classic
Star Wars
Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Strawberry Shortcake Princess
Stroller Fun
Summertime Watermelon
Superman Returns
Surfs Up
Swamp Party
Sweet 16 Birthday
Sweet 16 Sparkle
Sweet Pea
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Tea Party
Tennessee Titans
Thanksgiving Scrapbook
The Big 1 - Boy
The Big 1 - Girl
Thomas Chugging Your Way
Three Sheets
Tiki Island
Tinker Bell
Tiny Blessing Blue
Tiny Blessing Pink
Tiny Dancer
Tropical Paradise
Under Construction
Wedding Wishes
Wild Horses

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Kids Party Ideas

Kids Party Themes

Karaoke or Open Mic - Create your own version of American Idol.

Tug of War -
Set up your backyard for the ultimate challenge!

Twister - Old fashioned game with new found fun.

Sock Hop -
Roll with the oldies and turn up Elvis. No shoes allowed!

Black & White - Have guests arrive wearing black or white and use black lights to illuminate the party.

When I grow up... - Let kids come to the party dressed in the uniform of what they want to be when they grow up.

Obstacle Course - Arrange two teams that compete against each other in a homemade obstacle course.

Hayride -
Look up local farms for hayrides or hiking on haunted trails.

Crafts -
Have kids create their own treat bags to bring home after the party.

Tye Dye -
Let kids tye dye their very own shirt, shorts, socks, or towel.

Scavenger Hunt - Put together a list of odds and ends for kids to go out and find from neighbors. The pair with most items found, wins!

You've Got the Right Stuff - Have kids dress in clothes from the 80's... where mullets were allowed!

Prance around in your costume while the judges take a look.

Bob for Apples -
Easy to prepare, just dump apples in bin of luke warm water. Let the fun begin!

Pumpkin Carving Contest - Have guests bring their own pumpkin and provide designs and help with carving.

White Elephant -
Each guest brings a unisex gift and trades with each other until time is up. Open and enjoy!

Dr. Jeckel's Lab -
Provide a laboratory of objects in concealed containers and let kids reach inside. i.e. Eyeballs that are really peeled grapes!

Mummy Wrap -
Each team wraps another in toilet paper to create the best mummy.

Coloring Contest -
Make copies of coloring books and award prizes for staying in the lines!

Beauty Salon -
Hire your babysitter to attend your child's party and do hair and makeup as if in a beauty salon.

Face Painting -
Have a clown arrive with face paints and temporary tattoos!

Movie Night - Pop popcorn, serve refreshments and play movies all night long. Compliment the party with PIZZA!

Dance Party -
Let kids compete in a dance off. Turn your living room into a diva disco!


Baby's First Birthday - Where did all that time go? Make it "one" to remember!

Baby Einstein -
Perfect for the little genius in your life.

Ariel and Friends - Everything's better down where it's wetter...under the sea with Ariel.

Barbie Magic of Pegasus -
Drift away to far away lands and indulge in royal treatment.

Power Rangers - Power up! the party with the Power Rangers.

SpongeBob Buddies - Create a pineapple under the sea and invite SpongeBob for your next party.

Disney Princesses -
Join Snow White, Jasmine, Ariel and many more for an enchanting day with Disney's Princesses!

Bob the Builder - Build awesome memories when you invite this favorite.

Strawberry Shortcake - Have a Strawberryland party for the whole gang!

Superheroes - Pack the power into your next party with members from the Justice Leauge.

Elmo Loves You - A birthday to remember when Elmo is your guest of honor.

Dora the Explorer -
Spend the day exploring with Dora and her friends.

Harry Potter - Goblet of Fire -
A favorite for all ages; join Harry and his gang for a wizard good time.

Pizza Party Deluxe
- Get it while it's hot!

Barney and Friends - Perfect for the birthday boy or girl who adores this lovable dino.

Safari Deluxe -
For when it's okay to act like a bunch of monkeys!

Movie Night-
Roll out the red carpet for your future Hollywood stars.

Hello Kitty - Say hello to fun with this most favorite kitty cartoon.

Bahama Breeze - It's time for tiki torches and lei's when you party with the Bahama Mama.

Sleepover Fun
- Girls only for the biggest and best slumber party of the year.

NASCAR - Racing fans of all ages...start your engines!

Cabbage Patch Kids -
The Cabbage Patch Kids are here to make your birthday magical.

Lilo and Stitch - Surf's up with Lilo and Stitch and tons of birthday fun.

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